Birmingham school trip, february 2016, Première S.T.H.R euro

Tuesday 10 May 2016, by C. Rivière

The students of the European section of the Lycée Hôtelier de Marseille went to Birmingham from February 1st to February 6th 2016 with Mr Lemagner, a cooking teacher and Mrs Rivière, their English teacher.

Travel story by students...

Birmingham City

Situated in England, Birmingham is the largest and most populated city after London with 1,101,360 inhabitants. The mayor is Raymond Hassal. The city is a major international commercial centre. Its six universities make it the largest centre of higher education in the country after London.
Birmingham is the fourth-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors. The most touristic places are St Philip’s cathedral, the bull statue which is the symbol of the city, the museum and art gallery…

The students of the European section of the Lycée Hôtelier de Marseille went to Birmingham from February 1st to February 6th 2016 with Mr Lemagner, a cooking teacher and Mrs Rivière, their English teacher. We were welcomed by UCB College and they stay in the Travelodge Hotel. We went to the city centre of Birmingham and we saw the symbol of this city: the Bull statue. We visited St Philip’s Cathedral and the Museum Art gallery.

Written by : Pénalva Camille and Duc Mélanie

University College of Birmingham

On Monday February 1st, we arrived at the hotel, and we went to UCB to visit it, meet the teachers and the students, and eat at the Brasserie Restaurant of the university.

UCB College is the oldest public university of the city. It was founded in 1900. Elected the Best University of the year 2013-14 by The Times and The Sunday Times, UCB is famous for its excellence all around the world. Students can attend lessons of Marketing, Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Events Management, Culinary Arts Management, Sports, Beauty, etc... Its excellent students do work placements in foreign countries. The university hosts 30,000 students, and the building has 8 floors. It is equipped with a spa, a gym, a sports centre, a cake shop, 3 lunch rooms, a Gourmet restaurant and a Brasserie where the students serve the guests or have lessons.
I think that this university can offer a lot of opportunities for the future of its students because it is equipped with brand new locals, kitchens, molecular cuisine labolatories, huge wine cellars, and brand new cooking machines which are very impressive. The students can participate in competitions.

Written by : FEYNAS Margaux

Sea Food Market

We visited the sea food market on 2nd of February. John, who was our guide, showed us lot of fish like :halibut, salmon, turbot, scallops, cod and many others…


To visit the establishment, we had to wear an apron, a blue hat and plastic shoes because of the hygiene.
To stock the fish, the temperature is cold, we went into the freezer where it was about
- 20°C. We enjoyed this visit because we saw fresh fish but we thought the establishment would have been bigger.

Blue hat and plastic shoes !

By Mélody P. and Christophe H.

English service practical lesson

Service practical lesson

On Wednesday, Melanie, Marlène and I had a restaurant lesson in the evening from 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m with the students of Birmingham.
First we met the English students and talked with them, than we shone the cutleries, set the tables and arranged them in the restaurant and finally learned the menu.
After that, we tasted a Japanese Sake with chocolate brownies with the rest of the group and the teachers and had a short lesson about it by a Barman student.
Finally we served the clients at the gourmet restaurant of the school named “Atrium Restaurant”. It’s in the Top 10 of the best restaurants in Birmingham.
In my opinion, the service in the English hotel school is much easier and less strict than in France. During the service we had a lot of contact with the clients and improved our English. The students and the teachers welcomed us warmly.

Atrium restaurant


Cooking practical work

We did a cooking practical work on Wednesday the 3rd of February with the English students. We started at 3pm and finished at 9:30pm. We worked in pairs, two of us were in charge of the starters, two others were responsible for the main courses and two worked in with the pastry chef. I was in charge of the main courses with Margaux, we prepared a chorizo jam and some vegetables for the scallops. We talked a lot with the English students who were older than us (from 18 years old to 36 years old). At service time we plated up with the students and then on our own.

The mise en bouche plated up by Margaux and myself !
Lobster tartare and apple by Christophe and Marco
Blackcurrant sorbet with sponge cake
Mango soup with merringues
Chocolate mousse with white chocolate decoration

By Mennecart Anastassia

Birmingham Stadium

On Wednesday February 3rd, we visited the Stadium of Birmingham City
with a guide. They play in Championship division.
First, we visited the Trophy Room with all the trophies they have won recently.
The most important trophy they won is the league one in 1995.

Then, we visited the cloackroom and the place where the players enter on the pitch. There is also a jail for the troublemakers until the police pick them up.

There is a room where there are picture frames of the greatest players who have played in this football club near a bar, sponsored by Heineken.
We had the chance to go on the pitch and took pictures.

Finally, we went to a luxury private box to drink a coffee with our guide.
The Trophy Room

The Stadium of Birmingham City
A jail for the troublemakers !

By Marco P.

Chocolate Lesson
On Thursday, February the 4th 2016, all the European section students, our cooking teacher and our English teacher had the luck to attend a chocolate workshop at UCB City College.
We had a very kind pastry cook, called Charlotte, who enjoyed sharing her knowledge. We first made tiny groups and she gave us a recipe in which all the steps to follow were written. We started with the marshmallows made with agar-agar instead of gelatine. We then put them in the oven.
The kichen was well-equipped : there were three expensive chocolate machines, one for the white chocolate, another one for the dark one and the third was for milk one. Their goal was to provide melted chocolate all the time. Once our marshmallows were baked, we soaked them in either white, dark or milk chocolate.
The result was stunning ! We got chocolate domes with a cherry colour marmalade edge inside.
I really think that morning was a nice experience because we were all proud of our job and the cakes were amazingly good-tasting !We left with our realisations and chocolate heart candies as gifts which had been made by the chef herself
because Valentine’s Day was coming.

Before frosting {JPEG} JPEG JPEG Some of us were much more creative ! {JPEG}

By Marlene J.

Hampton Manor House

On the 5th of February, we visited Hampton Manor House which is a relaxing luxury country house.
There are 15 designed rooms. Each room are decorated with taste and are equipped to offer all the comfort the guests need. The hotel is located in a calm area, in the countryside.
The hotel can welcome weddings, meetings and private dinners. To welcome all these events, the hotel is provided with a restaurant which can cater for around 30 guests. The chef suggests seasonnal produce and cooks with precision. The restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide. A lounge to have tea is situated in the hotel with a meeting room, where groups can have dinner when the restaurant is full.
Josh who welcomes us, was the front office manager. He showed us the manor, before we visited the rooms with him. We also visited the wine cellar, which was quite small, but full of great wine.
After this he invited us to have some tea and coffee and talked about his career and what we need to know to supervise a hotel. We discovered that he perfectly speaks French because he grew up in France. We enjoyed this visit because it was a beautiful place.

We discovered a new town, full of amazing people who did everything to make our trip unforgettable.
We did many things and we liked each of them. The group is more united now. Thank you UCB for your warm welcome.

By Emilie G.

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